Exercise Aces North 2015

Exercise Aces North 2015 is the culmination of FCI course held at RAAF Base Tindal.

37SQN Hercules and DFR visit to Orange

On 1 May 2015, an Air Force C-130J Hercules from No 37 Squadron (37SQN) conducted.

F A 18A Hornets arrives in the Middle East Region

As part of Operation OKRA, the Australian Air Task Group has deployed six F/A-18A Hornet.

Anton De Pasquale rides in an Air Force Hawk

From Track to Cockpit, Racing Driver Anton De Pasquale rides in a RAAF Hawk. To.

Government commits forces to operations in Iraq

The Prime Minister, The Honourable Tony Abbott, Defence Minister, Senator The Honourable David Johnston, and.

Main Contingent of Air Force Aircraft and Personnel depart for the Middle East

The main contingent of Royal Australian Air Force personnel and aircraft departed for the Middle.

Air Force Fighter Pilot TV ad

Become an Air Force Fighter Pilot and take your skills up a notch. See the.

Air Force – Pilot Samantha Freebairn

Squadron Leader Samantha Freebairn explains her role and training as a Pilot in the Air.

Australian Army Flying Museum

Visit the Museum at Oakey to see displays including;
• Full scale replicas of pre-World War 1 Beleriot, Deperdussin and Box Kite,
• World War 1 Bristol F2B, Sopwith Camel and Fokker DR1 Triplane,
• World War 2 designed and built warbird CAC Boomerang,
• 1950s Auster Mk 3,
• 1960s — 70s Bell 47 – Souix,
• Cessna Birddog,
• CAC Winjeel,
• Bell 206 — Kiowa, and
• UH-1H — Iroquois.

Other displays include artefacts, memorabilia and photographs from all eras, including that of the No 6 Aircraft Depot RAAF which occupied Oakey Airfield during World War II.

The Museum is open Wednesday to Sunday from 10:00am to 3:00pm and guided tours are available for the Display Hangar on request.

The workshop is open Wednesdays and Thursdays with tours available by booking.

Contact the Museum on 07 4577 7666 or at AustArmy.FlyingMuseum@defence.gov.au

Army – Aviation Careers

Explore the range of career options available in Army Aviation. From Avionics Technician to Pilot,.

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