Australian Army Skill at Arms Meeting 2017

The Australian Army Skill at Arms Meeting (AASAM) 2017 gave 18 countries a chance to put years of combat shooting training to the test. The Australian Army competition expanded this year with new ranges and exhausting challenges. The shared lessons can save lives on operations. With around 200 soldiers and senior officers the event also builds lasting relationships between militaries and nations around the world.

Avalon Air Show Plan Jericho 360 tour

Get ready to be transported to the Australian International Airshow with our Plan Jericho 360.

Aero Medical Evacuation training on HMAS Adelaide

HMAS Adelaide is conducting Aero Medical Evacuation (AME) training off the West Australian coast during Exercise OCEAN EXPLORER 2017. AME is a vital capability to deliver best care to navy personnel, to ensure they can be retrieved from the ship to a shore facility for ongoing medical support.

Exercise OCEAN EXPLORER 17 (OE 17) is a major Fleet training activity led by the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), and jointly-enabled by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and other nations’ forces.

The maritime exercise is one of the largest iterations of the exercise held in the West Australian Exercise Area (WAXA) area. OE 17 will be conducted over the period 13 February to 10 March 2017 with the primary aim of conducting high-end warfighting training.

Exercise Pandaroo 2016

Soldiers from the Australian Army and the People’s Liberation Army of China have completed 10 days of adventurous training in New South Wales as part of Exercise Pandaroo 2016, 14-23 September. The exercise is designed to build teamwork, friendship and trust between the two nations through a series of challenging activities in difficult environments requiring close teamwork amongst participants. Having come straight onto the exercise after two weeks of survival training in the Northern Territory outback as part of Exercise Kowari 2016, the participants faced the adventure training with newfound friendships forged through their recent shared adversity. The soldiers took part in white-water kayaking, caving and mountain-bike riding before helping one another face their fears during an over-water Tyrolean traverse above the raging waters of Jervis Bay. Exercise Pandaroo is a bilateral training exercise involving 10 participants from each country and is aimed to enhance multi-national relationships and marks an important milestone in defence cooperation.

T150 Defence Force Air Show and Open Day – Meet the team

To thank Townsville​ and the people of North Queensland for their ongoing support, we are.

Air Task Group prepares for Christmas

At the request of the Iraqi Government, Task Group 630 (TG630), the Air Task Group.

Chief of Air Force visits Air Task Group

Newly appointed Chief of Air Force, Air Marshal Leo Davies, recently visited the Air Task.

Joint Task Force 633 Remembrance Day Service

With nearly 2000 Australian Defence personnel deployed in the Middle East, Remembrance Day 2015 at.

Special Forces parachute into Exmouth

A Company of Army Commandos have parachuted out of three Air Force C-130 Hercules aircraft.

Special Forces engineer team repair airfield

In the lead up to Exercise Talisman Sabre 2015 (EX TS15), a combined Australian and.

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