A lifestyle like no other in the Navy

In the Navy you’ll find thousands of sailors and officers enjoying rewarding work, travel, teamwork,.

Navy strength in diversity

In the Navy you’ll find thousands of sailors and officers from all cultures and backgrounds,.

Navy search, rescue and relief

Across oceans and cultures, and through search, rescue and disaster-relief, the Navy is always on.

Defending our economy and way of life

Almost everything Australians own and use has arrived by ship. Thousands of Navy sailors and.

The Navy’s formidable defensive capability

Operating some of the world’s most sophisticated marine and aviation technology, the Navy is equipped.

Navy maritime patrol and response

Today’s modern Navy defends almost 60,000km of Australian coastline and patrols one eighth of the.

37SQN Hercules and DFR visit to Orange

On 1 May 2015, an Air Force C-130J Hercules from No 37 Squadron (37SQN) conducted.

Discover Pride – Graduation Ceremony at ADFA

Experience one of the proudest moments at Australian Defence Force Academy: Graduation. Our midshipmen and.

Assault Boat Training – Learning Teamwork Skills at ADFA

Teamwork and resilience is tested during a long and arduous mission on the water. Reenacting.

Leadership Training at ADFA

Have you got what it takes to be part of the military? The Australian Defence.

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