Discover ADFA – 15 second trailer

Experience military training and immerse yourself in university life.

Discover ADFA – 30 Second Trailer

To play the interactive video visit Step inside the Australian Defence Force Academy where.

Discover Pride – Graduation Ceremony at ADFA

Experience one of the proudest moments at Australian Defence Force Academy: Graduation. Our midshipmen and.

Assault Boat Training – Learning Teamwork Skills at ADFA

Teamwork and resilience is tested during a long and arduous mission on the water. Reenacting.

Leadership Training at ADFA

Have you got what it takes to be part of the military? The Australian Defence.

Firefighting Training and Introduction at ADFA

In this scenario, moral courage and performance under pressure is put under the heat test..

Sinking Ship Simulator

In this challenge, midshipmen and officer cadets must work together to make repairs in a.

Abseiling & Rock Climbing Exercises at ADFA

The Australian Defence Force Academy’s leadership training helps you find the inner courage to overcome.

Social Life & Forming Friendships at ADFA

Explore the social side of the Australian Defence Force Academy. With plenty of opportunities to.

Extra-curricular Activities at ADFA

Experience the vibrant culture of sports and voluntary extra-curricular activities (VECAs) at the Australian Defence.

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