New Joint Capabilities Group opens for business

Newly formed Defence Joint Capabilities Group (JCG) is now open for business


The newly formed Joint Capabilities Group (JCG) is now open for business under command of the inaugural Chief of Joint Capabilities, Air Vice-Marshal Warren McDonald.

Former Deputy Chief of Air Force Air Vice-Marshal McDonald was selected as the inaugural incumbent of the Chief of Joint Capabilities Group position within the new Australian Defence Force Headquarters.

This senior two star position extends from First Principles Review initiatives, to better support a range of the priority joint capabilities in the White Paper. After two years of successful leadership of Air Force Headquarters.

The Joint Capabilities Group is responsible for managing raise-train-sustain functions of the Australian Defence Force’s critical joint capabilities and military enablers, the Joint Capabilities Group has assumed responsibility for Joint Health Command, Joint Logistics Command, the Australian Defence College and the newly formed Information Warfare Division.

The JCG is one of the key outcomes arising from the 2015 First Principles Review which recommend changes to the existing Defence Headquarters to support a more integrated approach to complement the Services’ responsibilities.

It’s the second phase in the Australian Defence Force Headquarters (ADFHQ) Implementation Program.

ADFHQ was established in April with the appointment of Brigadier Georgeina Whelan as Chief of Staff.

The new ADFHQ construct and the appointment of the Chief of Joint Capabilities and the Chief of Staff ADFHQ will allow the Vice Chief of the Defence Force to adopt a more strategic role.

Air Vice-Marshal McDonald is currently undertaking a 100 day review to inform further the ADFHQ’s ongoing development.

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