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Lloyd’s Register joins Damen Shipyards on trade mission in Australia


Lloyd’s Register joins Damen Shipyards on trade mission in Australia
July 31
17:29 2017

Lloyd’s Register joins Damen Shipyards on Industrial Partner trade mission in Australia

Lloyd’s Register had the honour to team up with Damen Shipyards to attend the Industrial Partners trade mission earlier this month in Australia for the SEA1180 program.

Lloyd’s Register has been a partner with Damen Shipyards for more than 45 years, on work that has included the Classification and Statutory certification of almost 1200 vessels since 2002, both built at their own facilities in the Netherlands and overseas as joint ventures. The types of vessels vary from tugs, commercial vessels, offshore patrol vessels and naval vessels.

Paul Verharen, from Lloyd’s Register, commented that;”The trade mission has been a wonderful initiative, not only to visit the shipyards but also support the engagement with local industry. I was delighted to see that there are so many potential local companies who are willing to work together with Damen Shipyards on this exciting project. This initiative will establish stronger supply chains for Damen and benefit local industry working together to maximise Australian content for this project.”

In Australia, Lloyds Register has maintained uninterrupted representation since 1872 when we established our first offices in Sydney and Melbourne. We currently have 5 offices in Australia and New Zealand with a total of around 100 employees delivering a number of services to the maritime, offshore and other industries. Our current classed fleet in Australia includes some 300 vessels – roughly 60% of the local classed fleet.

In the Defence sector, Lloyds Register has been working with the Royal Australian Navy for more than 25 years with 60% of the current RAN fleet Classed with Lloyds Register. Lloyds Register has been appointed a Recognised Organisation delegation from the Naval Flag Administrator and is qualified as a key defence supplier with the Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG).

Currently, Lloyd’s Register is completing the final Certification of the MV Sycamore, the world’s first “Multi-Role Aviation Training Vessel”.

Our Australian personnel look forward to working with Damen and its local industrial partners in Australia should Damen be successful in the SEA1180 Offshore Patrol Vessel bid.

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