Land 400 Phase 2 contender aligns with Defence Industry Ministers Vision

Rheinmetall Defence Australia aligns with Defence Industry Ministers Vision for Land 400 Phase 2


Land 400 Phase 2 contender Rheinmetall Defence Australia is clearly listening…

In March this year, The Hon Christopher Pyne MP, Minister for Defence Industry presented a highly-motivating speech that showcased both his motivation and vision for the Australian Defence Industry.

Within that speech, he highlighted that the Australian defence industry is front and centre of this Government’s vision for jobs growth in the Australian economy.

“This is where the jobs of the future will be created, and with them the broader growth that we need to ensure Australia maintains our position as an advanced economy among the top ranks of nations in the twenty-first century,” further stating “for this mission to be successful it is important that this message resonates broadly. It need to be heard outside of Canberra, in the think-tanks, the universities and research establishments, among industry and defence contractor,” he said.

Defence + Industry Magazine loved the entire speech, it resonates what we’re also trying to support, and it’s clearly resonating far and wide within the defence sector.

One company that has clearly taken note is Rheinmetall Defence Australia.

Only last week we reported on Victorian companies assembling and testing the Rheinmetall Boxer CRV Turrets, and now should Rheinmetall be selected as the preferred tenderer for LAND 400 Phase 2, they will bring another nine Australian small to medium enterprise businesses from across Australia into the fold – to deliver more than $125 million of products and services.

Land 400 Phase 2

LAND 400 Phase 2 relates to a new Mounted Combat Reconnaissance Capability, for which Rheinmetall is offering the Commonwealth the BOXER 8×8 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle (CRV). Rheinmetall have advised Defence + Industry Magazine that the BOXER CRV provides Australian soldiers the best protection and lethality as well as unparalleled modularity to reduce life cycle costs.

Both Rheinmetall and BAE Systems Australia have tendered for the LAND 400 Phase 2 contract, with BAE Systems Ausutralia putting forward the Patria AMV35 and Rheinmetall the Boxer CRV.

Should Rheinmetall be the successful tenderer, companies from NSW, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia have been selected to join the Rheinmetall Land 400 Phase 2 team to deliver a range of products and services in support of the manufacture of the BOXER CRV.

These additional companies are:

▪ Adelaide-based Plasteel
▪ Adelaide-based Redarc
▪ Brisbane-based G&O Kert
▪ Burnie-based Direct Edge
▪ Melbourne-based Cablex
▪ Melbourne-based Hilton Manufacturing
▪ Melbourne-based Nezkot Precision Tooling and Engineering
▪ Perth-based Hoffman Engineering
▪ Sydney-based Huber and Suhner

“After extensive market testing, these companies are among those selected because of their proven track record delivering successful products and their ability to develop and manufacture leading edge military technologies in Australia,” said Rheinmetall Defence Australia Managing Director Andrew Fletcher.

Importantly, from a Sovereign Capability perspective, Rheinmetall is transferring critical know-how to local SMEs to support the sustainment of the BOXER CRV throughout the life of the Land 400 program. Local SME partners will also be included in the Rheinmetall Global Supply Chain, enabling each to export their industry leading technologies globally.

“Today’s announcement is the first in a series of announcements about Australian Industry Capability partnerships that will underline the quality of Rheinmetall’s capability and local industry content offering to the Commonwealth,” said Fletcher.

Rheinmetall is already working closely with local partners Melbourne-based Supacat and Melbourne-based Tectonica as part of the Risk Mitigation Activity conducted by the Commonwealth. Brisbane-based NIOA has also been appointed the company’s key supplier of ammunition and armament services for the Land 400 Phase 2 offer.

Rheinmetall has a longstanding supplier relationship with NIOA through its weapon and munitions arm, Rheinmetall Weapons and Munitions (RWM), built on the delivery of world class ammunition and pyrotechnics to the Australian Defence Force and state and federal police forces.

A network of trusted suppliers across Australia is a fundamental part of Rheinmetall’s offer to the Commonwealth. This network will drive new infrastructure in the form of a Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence (MILVEHCOE) to supply, support and sustain up to 4000 Australian military vehicles delivered under the Land 121 and Land 400 programs and regional Rheinmetall vehicle fleets within the South-East Asian Region.

Rheinmetall will transfer technology and research/development opportunities to Australia and work with Australian SMEs to deliver this capability to the ADF. The facility will create hundreds of direct jobs and over thousands of jobs in the SME supply chain network established to support the enterprise.

“This creates a new sovereign military vehicle industrial capability in Australia,” Mr Fletcher said.

About Rheinmetall

Setting a global standard for excellence in a wide array of disciplines and offers an extensive array of military hardware that delivers mobility, lethality, survivability of troops, reconnaissance capability and networking of national and international systems. Rheinmetall Defence Australia and New Zealand is a subsidiary of Rheinmetall AG, with offices in Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane.


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