Prime example of Defence Connecting Australian Industry

Growing benefits of the looming Offshore Patrol contract offered by Damen Group a prime example of Defence Connecting Australian Industry.


Australian Maritime Systems Group is entering into a joint venture with one of Europe’s leading marine technology companies as part of a tender for Australia’s next giant defence contract.


The Brisbane-based company is partnering with Dutch firm Alewijnse Marine to support the Damen Group’s bid to build the next generation of 12 Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) for the Royal Australian Navy.

The vessels will be mainly constructed in Adelaide and Perth, but AMSG’s involvement would generate highly-skilled and long-term electrical engineering jobs for the Queensland-based company.

AMSG Managing Director John Sugarman said the company had been impressed by the extent of Damen’s engagement with Australian industry – as well as that of its long-established partners.

“Damen’s commitment to collaboration and knowledge-sharing with Australian firms like ours is truly outstanding,” Mr Sugarman said.

“But we haven’t just been impressed by Damen. It has many partners in the Netherlands with whom it has forged strong relationships over many decades, such as Alewijnse.

“Damen has built more than 250 ships with Alewijnse and that track record proves teamwork and knowledge-sharing are central to its culture.

“The formation of our joint venture with Alewijnse demonstrates the close and co-operative relationships the Damen Group and its trusted partners will build Down Under.”

Under the joint venture, Alewijnse Marine and AMS Defence would collaborate on the design and integration of the OPVs’ electrical systems.

Knowledge transfer between the companies would begin with vessel one and be completed during construction of vessel five.

Alewijnse has pledged to maximise Australian employment opportunities and the transfer of technology and intellectual property.

The company is also committed to establishing an Australian training centre and to co-operating with Australian universities and research institutes.

Damen Asia-Pacific Director Roland Briene said the company spoke with more than 800 business contacts at local industry briefings in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide earlier this year and that relationships with some 50 Australian firms were further developed during follow-up visits to Perth, Adelaide and Sydney earlier this month.

“The joint venture between AMSG and Alewijnse is a prime example of the relationships we want to grow in Australia,” Mr Briene said.

“We are committed to creating long-term naval and commercial ship-building capacity here.

“Fostering enduring relationships and knowledge transfers – not just procuring local components – are key to achieving that long-term goal.

“We’re also keen to work with leading companies across the whole of Australia – not just those based in South Australia and Western Australia.”

AMSG is a specialised communications system contractor supporting the RAN’s ANZAC class frigate navigation radars.

The Damen Group has also forged strong links with the RAN through the construction of its new Multi-Role Aviation Training Vessel, the MV Sycamore, in which Alewijnse is also a key project partner.

Damen is also building the Commonwealth’s new $500m Antarctic Supply Research Vessel.

About Australian Maritime Systems Group

· Australian Maritime Systems Group (AMSG) is a global leader in high-quality, innovative and integrated cost-effective solutions for maritime service delivery.

· AMSG specialises in the design, construction and maintenance of maritime structures, aids to navigation and complex surveillance systems and their integration with the latest technology to commercial and defence industries.

· AMSG also specialises in the supply, installation and maintenance of navigational aids, AIS, buoys, radar, sea-level monitoring systems and meteorological ocean equipment, as well as the supply and servicing of maritime and aviation safety apparatus.

· AMSG has a highly-skilled mobile workforce, with its head office in Brisbane and offices in Cairns, Fremantle, Melbourne and Hobart. This mobile workforce allows AMSG to conduct installation and maintenance of maritime systems and structures by its team members at hundreds of sites along the Australian coastline.

· AMSG has also completed many extensive and challenging overseas contracts for marine agencies in Canada, Turkey and South-East Asia. Most recently its engineers have completed contracts in Malaysia and Papua New Guinea.

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