ADF Mobile Training Teams making a difference

ADF Mobile Training Teams are making a significant contribution to mission success in Iraq for Operation Okra.


Mobile Training Teams are making a significant contribution to mission success in Iraq for Operation Okra, as Task Group Taji Four prepares for transfer of authority to Rotation Five.

Task Group Taji is a combined force of around 100 New Zealand and 300 Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel based north of Baghdad, and the transfer between Rotation Four and Rotation Five is now well in hand.

Since May 2015, the combined Anzac task group has trained more than 22,000 members of the Iraqi Security Forces, delivered training in weapons handling, marksmanship, explosive hazard awareness, combat first aid, urban operations, obstacle breaching techniques, vehicle check points, Law of Armed Conflict and combined arms operations.

Lieutenant Colonel Chris Gardiner, the Commanding of the Training Task Unit, Task Group Taji Four said more than 1200 Iraqis have been trained by Mobile Training Teams, who deliver instruction at secure locations outside of the Taji Military Complex.

“The Mobile Training Teams (MTTs) have made a significant contribution to mission success by bringing training to Iraqi Security Forces who are unable to travel to Baghdad due to operational requirements in their home location,” he said.

“In the Anbar region, for example, they are supporting Iraqi Security Forces as they continue their fight against Daesh and maintain security in Ramadi, Fallujah and the Euphrates River valley.”

The MTTs include force protection elements and trainers, who deliver instruction to small groups (eight soldiers) through to company-level formations (120 soldiers).

The senior New Zealand Defence Force officer to Rotation Four said the New Zealand and Australian trainers are valued by their international coalition partners.

“They have a reputation for high standards of professionalism,” he said.

“They are also highly respected by the Iraqi trainees who are using the skills they have been taught in their fight against the Daesh terrorist group.

“It remains evident every day that the combined Anzac Task Group is making a difference in Iraq.”

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