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Arguably the best domain in Defence… is published by CYBER PTY LTD, an Australian media business specialising in multi-channel broad audience online production, publishing and delivery.

The company took over the reigns of Eco Magazines, Australia’s premiere dedicated online publisher of full-format digital magazines in 2016, which propelled a rapidly growing stable of special interest magazines and websites, and Shoot Management, one of Australia’s first dedicated online television producers. Eco Magazines was case studied and showcased internationally by software giant Adobe as a success story, while Shoot Management was the first Australian production house to produce dedicated content for Channel 7 subsidiary Hybrid Media Pty Ltd for delivery via their dedicated online platforms.

CYBER aligns with sophisticated high-growth markets and plays an integral role in delivering insightful news, product, and market intelligence across multiple influential platforms in a growing number of industries.

We are constantly researching and developing new special interest domains, and associated innovative online productions like Defence + Industry TV.

As convergent media and online specialists, we have attracted a great deal of attention over the years, as showcased by international software giant Adobe Inc’s case-study featuring our full-format video-enhanced digital downloadable magazines.

The future of publishing is online, connected, and mobile, echoing the future of Defence –  Terry Turner, Cyber Pty Ltd.


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